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FetishClub is basicaly a community of people who are into BDSM fetish. So if you are man or woman who loves to watch spanking movies, real bondage scenes, BDSM videos, you should definitely join this site and get the most out of it. FetishClub.com has a fantastic collection of porn material for fetish and BDSM lovers, it is also a great value for money, but be aware this site is not for the faint hearted!


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FemDomAcademy is all about female domination over men. They are ready to humiliate them and use their naked bodies to their pleasure and sexual enjoyment. These beautiful ladies really love to dominate and humiliate their male slaves. Their punishment includes ball and cock torture, smothering, spitting, whipping, kicking balls, stretching cocks, nipples and ballsacks as well as public humiliation or piss play. Watch these Mistresses using hot wax on naked body, balls or even dick and fucking those guys asses with dildos…You can watch it all here at FemDomAcademy.com


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FacesittingFreaks has the content which you would expect according the site name: facesitting, ass worship, and smothering. But you also get a lot of scenes including FemDom, humiliation, ass fetish, ebony facesitting, black smothering, hardcore sex, ass licking and other kinky stuff. The collection of videos is in great quality and content is exclusive. The scenes are long and the site is getting regular updates. FacesittingFreaks.com is part of Fetish Network so once you join in, you will also get an access to more than 40 other porn sites!


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EliteSpanking has a great collection of videos capturing those nice butts being spanked, whipped, caned until you are able to see red and blue lines running across. You can watch lesbians, teens, schoolgirls as well as group spanking, all in great quality and with detailed close-ups. So if you are into this type of pleasure and pain business, you will definitely enjoy elitespanking.com


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EliteSmothering is bringing you videos with all sorts of smothering behavior like facesitting, ass worship, submission, female domination, humiliation and other types of smother-fetish scenes. So if you are into this kind of kinky stuff, you will definitely love this site. These women love to be in charge, they love to control men and enjoy every second of it. All men here at elitesmothering.com follow the command and lick and poke those juicy vaginas with their tongue… Enjoy erotic scenes full of tense, love and orgasmic explosions!


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BrutalPickups is all about beautiful babes who are getting fucked on dirty streets. They are willing to do anything in order to be brutally pounded. These gorgeous and horny teens don’t mind if they get choked, tied, groped or brutally punished. Enjoy brutalpickups.com full of rough sex scenes, pornstars teens and movies in Full HD quality which you can stream or download!


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BrutalDungeon is one of those BDSM sites where you can watch naked slut getting brutally punished in dark and damped dungeon. These sinful women getting what they deserve – hardcore punishment for their deeds by cruel guards who are going to teach them a lesson! And these sluts obey the rules in order to receive an orgasm or two… Enjoy this hardcore, fetish, kinky and brutal material, scenes, videos and movies!


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BrutalCasting is bringing you teen models who want to be famous. Their dream is to be in front of the camera but little they know this casting is all about porn, fetish, nude pics and revealing the whole naked body in order to be the most successful. Those shy girls don’t agree when it comes to stripping but nobody cares. They are forced by bondage in order to do what they are asked for. Basically, these babes turn into sex slaves! Enjoy this site full of BDSM and rough sex, it´s definitely worth watching!


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BrainWashedTeens are here to bring you naive, beautiful and sexy teens who are willing to do anything when it comes to sex! Their brain is literally washed out and all they do afterwards is just following the orders of their master! Some of them are hypnotized, others just follow the instructions. BrainWashedTeens.com is a great site with very unique and original content which is one of a kind. Enjoy this site as it has a lot to offer! This site is a part of Fetish Network so once you join in, you will gain the access to other 43 sites!


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BDSMPrison is all about hardcore scenes including the most brutal way of reaching sexual excitement and satisfaction. This site has really hot babes who submit to the rough BDSM, they are used by perverted guards, locked in dungeons, left completely naked and used and abused, they all holes are stretched beyond limits and their brains fucked out. Enjoy this unlimited collection of sex scenes full of whipping, humiliation, sex toys, clothepins, mouth gags, nipple and breast torment, smacking, spanking and bondage!